A new social networking website dedicated to lifestyles / Un nouveau site de rencontres basé sur les styles de vie.

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Face it, we often create stronger connections with people that understand and share our interests. Even more, when our hobby or interest is part of our daily life, it is considered our lifestyle. For example; if you’d like to share your love of the outdoors with someone who’d rather stay home and play video games, you are likely to encounter a bit of a problem!

Filtr3 was created because we believe that interactions happen more naturally between PEOPLE WHO SHARE THE SAME LIFESTYLE.

“I really love art, it is my life, I would like to meet someone who would understand and accept who I am. Or even better, someone who loves art too!”

On dating profiles, how many people mention their passion in their description? And how often are these mentions followed by the desire to meet someone to share it with?! This is because it is much easier to connect with someone who already shares a common interest. It can be daunting to introduce someone to a new lifestyle or activity, in the hopes they will share it with you!

But wait! We are not saying people with different interests can’t share a common connection. At we also understand that it is not unusual to want to learn and discover new horizons. That is the beauty of Filtr3. Not only can you find people who share your lifestyle, but you can also discover new ones!


Although many people identify with a certain lifestyle, other dating sites are not designed to specifically track and filter based on user lifestyles. Still more, some dating websites are so niche-oriented, it may be difficult to discover people who can introduce you to new things with interests outside their specific lifestyle!

Sure, you could browse profiles endlessly or search manually profiles where the users mentioned their passion. But this will be a long process, and eventually, there is so much information already on their profiles that the core of the message gets lost!


Filtr3 is for people who have passions!

Filtr3 is the website that allows you to say:

“I am an artist, deal with it!”,

“I am a nature lover, let’s camp under the stars!”,

“I am a gamer, I will beat you at this game and when I do, you can buy the pizza!”.

Go ahead, post something related to your lifestyle!

But wait…Why am I asked to make a post absolutely?

Posting allows you to mention precisely what you are interested in, and who you would like to meet. The lifestyle categories allow you to easily find profiles of other users who share your passions. By creating a post, you communicate what you are looking to do, share, or discover, directly to other users without having to search through profile descriptions.

Your post gives other users a glimpse of your personality and shows your intention for meeting people on Filtr3. In 160 characters or less, you have the opportunity to spark curiosity, create interest so you can chat about it!


Honesty is the Best Policy

When you are able to clearly indicate that you identify with a certain lifestyle or activity, you communicate that you know who you are and are honest with how you like to spend your time. When you are honest with yourself and others, making genuine connections is easier. So go ahead, let others discover you through your post!


Filtr3’s goal

At Filtr3, our goal is to allow to people to highlight their lifestyle so they can interact with like-minded people. To make this happen, the Filtr3 team will constantly improve and expand based on user feedback; by adding new lifestyles categories, and features to the website.


Ok that is cool but where’s the App?

We are currently working to create the Android app to enhance the mobile user experience, but until then Filtr3 is 100% mobile responsive! Also, we wanted Filtr3 to be accessible on all platforms so even desktop users could join the community!


And above all, Filtr3 is FREE!

It is free to chat, browse profiles, post, view interested users, and to view who visited your profile…Filtr3 gives you all the tools you need to make connections for free! There is no limit or restriction to the use of the features on the website. Just subscribe now and you are ready to begin!

Filtr3 will always be an ongoing project, we will always welcome any constructive feedback received to help build a better and bigger community. So, please feel free to leave a comment and tell us what you would like to see on the website.


Filtr3 a le souhait de ne cesser de s’améliorer!

N’hésitez pas à nous faire parvenir vos commentaires constructifs pour nous aider à construire un site qui vous convienne au mieux.

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