The 4 things you should keep in mind before dating / Les 4 choses à garder en tête avant de dater quelqu’un!

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Yes, in a perfect world couples would meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after, just like in a fairy tale.

But this is real life and the reality is we are likely to have a mixed bag of experiences – good and bad- before we eventually meet someone we want to spend a significant portion of our lives with.

And when we talk about dating, our experiences make sure that in the best case we can learn lessons and eventually make sure we do not make the same mistakes.

But a little knowledge of ourselves and listening to our past interactions could help us save our precious time and avoid having to drown our sorrow by listening to the lord of the rings in a fetus position in bed eating a whole Nutella jar.

You know that, for example, there are a certain number of things done or personality traits that trigger the little inner voice that is supposed to alert you.

We will call them the warning signs!

Don’t ignore  the warning signs!

The warnings are each time you have noticed indifference in the other or realize that the space allocated to you in the life of the other person is proportionally equivalent to a seat in a plane with a capacity of 180 seats. And the plane seems full, stand in line, there are other people waiting!

« I have a super loaded agenda, if I have a time I’ll give you a sign  ».

It is assumed that when we are interested we allow ourselves to find the time. No one is busy enough in life to cut off any social interactions.But then again, if it was your intentions to take it really easy for both of you and had you set up a really casual relationship, then it is all good.

Lack of basic politeness or unexplained behavior towards you. You experienced it and you said « Omg .. » inside of you.

Know yourself and what you want.

Self-awareness and knowing what you expect from dating will save you from some disappointing encounters.

You might just want to have fun and it is fine! In this case be prepared to not get attached and be ok with it!

Also, if you are going through rough times and you know that you’re emotionally sensitive or have your feelings upside down… Chances are that any relationship you try to establish will be affected directly or indirectly.

Don’t send the wrong signs, you might end up somewhere you don’t want to be.

The exchange in a relationship is simple. It is a combination of what you do, versus what the other person does. Usually, when a relationship doesn’t turn out as you had hoped, it is often because either you gave the wrong impression, or because the other person wasn’t honest with their intentions, maybe both.

For example, if you want to create a serious relationship, you will want to consider how you act and speak when you begin to spend time with a new romantic interest. You may not want to try to flirt right away, or, you may want to try and take more time to get to know the person’s personality. And guess what? People who are looking to keep things casual will disappear and more and more you will eventually end up spending your time with potential partners who are more serious about developing a relationship.

In other words, align your actions with your intentions!

Reconsider to want to date the same kind of people.

But he’s totally my type!

It’s a bit like putting on the same shoes you love so much, knowing that you’re going to have a sore foot.

You know that there is one type of guy or girl in particular with certain personality traits or with a certain lifestyle who comes back on your dates that have proven to be harmful to you but you keep dating that guy.

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